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The Apex Complete Restoration

Restoring your dream car with pristine craftsmanship 

Restore your vehicle to it's original factory look inside and out. Our process from start to finish is done efficiently, with great attention to detail using the highest quality products and materials. The shop rate for a complete restoration is $110 per hour plus parts and materials. The restoration process is briefly outlined below. 

Body Restoration Includes:

  • Body work begins with a complete tear down (body off - unless decided otherwise)

  • Take inventory and determine the parts to be replaced and repaired.

  • Panel fitment is evenly aligned and gapped

  •  Using the highest quality products we ensure pristine craftsmanship and a show quality finish

  • Media and manually stripped to substrate and directly powder coat primed to seal in the substrate from any contaminates.

  • Chassis and suspension items are powder coated for durability.

  • All parts for each vehicle are kept labeled and organized in a designated area. 

  • Metal work repair includes: corrosion and body damage, as well as body panel alignment and gaps before the body work process begins.

  •  Panel fitment is evenly aligned and gapped 

  • Rubber and weather stripping is first used for fitment during body work to guarantee appropriate gaps, then removed for the paint process and reinstalled during reassembly

  • Bodywork is performed to create and ensure laser straight panels

Paint Restoration Includes:

  • Once bodywork is completed we begin the priming and blocking process. This is where we correct any high or low spots and waves in the panels to give your vehicle that perfectly straight body you desire.

  •  When body work is finished the car is prepped and ready to be painted. The customer will be provided with sprayouts of the color prior to moving forward with the painting process.

  • All cars at Apex are painted in pieces to eliminate any dry spray and tape lines. (color match is not an issue)

  • After paint has had adequate time to fully cure, the clear coat is blocked flat to eliminate any imperfections. Following that is the buffing and polishing process to bring out the shine to a show finish.

  • Once all panels have been polished from edge to edge the vehicle is reassembled.

  • All parts in need of plating, straightening and polishing are sent out right after teardown due to long turnaround.

  • Ceramic coating (Optional) to add a layer of protection to the paint.

Interior Restoration Includes:

  • Restore or replace interior seat covers, foam and springs.

  • Restore or replace carpet, headliner, interior trim, dash and door panels.

Mechanical Restoration Includes:

  • Restore or replace existing mechanical systems including electrical

  • Restore or replace brake, steering, and suspension systems.

  • Assess and replace or restore exhaust components.

  • Repair or replace drive train.

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