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The Apex Paint & Body Work

Restoring your paint & body with pristine craftsmanship

At Apex Classics an Customs we will deliver laser straight body panels and a paint job with a flawless mirror finish to make your car a show winner. The shop rate is $110 per hour plus parts and materials.

​Paint & Body Restoration Process:

  • Panels are stripped by media or mechanically and immediately sealed with epoxy or powder coat to prevent any surface rust or contamination to the substrate.

  • Panels are straightened and gapped while being checked with a straight edge and gauges before any filler material is applied.

  • 2 step blocking and priming process is performed to achieve the show quality finishes.

  • All seams are seam sealed with a two part seam sealer to prevent any moisture from entering between the seam and causing decay.

  • Bed liner and other similar products are used and applied on the insides and bottom sides of desired panels with a more smooth application making it wipeable. 

    • This process helps with durability, sound deadening, and heat resistance. 

    • This process is usually done with the vehicle on the rotisserie for those hard to reach places. 

    • Our choice of product is an epoxy based product which provides great adhesion and also includes Kevlar for extreme hardness and durability.

  • All vehicle parts are sealed and painted in pieces to prevent any dry spray or tape lines.

  • Panels are reinstalled and disassembled again for any stripes, graphics, or artwork (if lining up with adjacent panels, often clear coated and sanded multiple times.)

  • After paint has had adequate time to fully cure we sand block each part from edge to edge to eliminate any orange peel, imperfections, and paint wave. 

    • Starting with 600 grit and stepping all the way down to 3000 grit

    • The a 4 step buffing and polishing process is performed to bring out the shine to a mirror like refection/shine.

  • We can match or custom make any paint color desired:

    • ranging from kandies, to flakes and everything in between.

    • We offer original solid classic colors all the way to radical artwork and graphics with color changing pearls.

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